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I Am The Penguin

I am the penguin. And I cook. And bake.

I started to learn to cook/bake from my maternal grandmother. My paternal grandmother told me that my maternal grandmother would be better equipped than she was to teach me. So, off to my MG’s house I went.

My MG was well equipped to teach me the basics, but beyond sauces, cookies and quick breads, that was what she had to offer. Other than the one important thing: that food was love, and that we could best give love by feeding the ones we care for.

So, after that I taught myself. I poured over cookbooks, trying to use what I had learned from my MG, combined with what my mom could add (baking experience) and with what my dad could add (good practical cooking skills) to level up my skills.

Many years later, here I am. I have spent thousands of hours in the kitchen over that time – teaching others how to cook, experimenting, exploring, and so much tasting.