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San Francisco, Morning #1

Good morning from lovely rainy San Francisco! I’m here with one of my partners (D) for our third anniversary (which is quite a milestone for me – he’s only the second partner to ever reach that, and I’m currently still with the other one(C)).

I’ve been up since my meds alarm went off at about 7:30, so at some point I wanted to venture out to get coffee. Because coffee is one of my (at least) Friday joys – I usually only have coffee when I’m working up from my other partner’s (N) place up north from Seattle.

So, after saying good morning and cuddling with D a bit, I ventured out. I originally meant to stay within the bounds of the hotel, but since the only coffee there was Starbucks, I ventured out.

The place I originally found on Yelp was really more a restaurant style coffeeshop, but next door I found a little coffee stand and acquired my morning wake-up joy. Today it was a soy chai latte, with two shots of espresso.

We have brunch later with one of D’s local friends and then we are wandering around the city a bit.

As this is, ostensibly, a food blog, I have attached a picture of me with my coffee, and some links to the coffee place and to the brunch place.